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Brinton Disposable PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Kit

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Your personal safety is our greatest concern. Brinton PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is essential for the safety and protection of all individuals on your Ward/Hospital/Laboratory: Ensuring all vulnerable areas of the body are protected by PPE is vital, including Head Protection, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Respiratory Equipment, Hand Protection, Foot Protection and more.

Cover all with Long Zipper & Elastic Waist, Ankles, Wrists & Hand Gloves, Head Cap, Goggle, 3 Ply Mask, Face Guard | Protective Suits for Ward/Hospital/Laboratory

  • Perfect Fit
  • Perfect protection
  • A Impermeable to blood and body fluid Coverall Suit
  • Quality compliant
  • Meets ISO 16603 & AAMI level 4 Performance 
  • SITRA tested for synthetic


The Perfect Armour of Covid-19 Warriors- Perfect Fit- with Non Woven fabric & free size to fit to all. Perfect Protection- Impermeable to blood and body fluid. Ensure Quality- Follows all quality compliant / Standards

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials. PPE prevents contact with an infectious agent or body fluid that may contain an infectious agent, 

Full length Blue Disposable Isolation Gown for maximum coverage. This Disposable isolation gown offers economical, comfortable and reliable protection. Sewn seams provide superior strength: Extra length on waist ties allows gown to be easily secured in front. Elastic cuffs. They are Latex free

Medical Disposable Protective Cover all Suit, Disposable Coveralls with Long Zipper & Elastic Waist, Ankles, and Wrists, Protective Suits for Ward/Hospital/Laboratory

Offering Disposable Coverall to cover all body part to protect from Dust, Germs, and Bacteria etc. Protect your body from workplace hazards with disposable coveralls.

Contains- Cover all laminated suit with zip (free Size) - 1 piece, Hand Gloves- 1 pair, Ankle length Shoes cover long- 1 pair, Head cap- 1 piece, Scratch resistance goggle with antistatic lens- 1 piece, 3 ply mask- 1 piece, Face guard- 1 piece, Disposable bag (Recyclable) - 1 piece