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AiroFresh A-FF-N95 Flat Fold Type Breath Fresh Face Mask

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Airofresh A-FF-N95 Respirator Face Mask | Anti Dust | Anti Pollution Respiratory System Protection Mask

Filter Media

  • Filtering efficiency > 95% against solid particles Complies ISI test requirements.
  • High technology filter media with micro fine fibers & electrostatic charge gives maxi- mum filtering efficiency


Mask Structure

  • 1st Layer- 40GSM White color non-woven fabric, which helps to filter large dust particles and it, is also water resistance, electric charge which keeps bacteria away.
  • 2nd Layer- Extremely fine filter media melt blown fabric. Melt blown fabric is very specialized and very uniquely designed filter media, which helps to filter finest dust particles and bacteria.
  • 3rd Layer- Very soft polyester filter, very soft polyester filter media which is also known as polyester needle punch fabric, it gives comfort to your skin and filters dust.
  • 4th Layer- 40Gsm white color Non -woven fabric, which helps to filter larger dust particles, and it is also water resistance, electric charge which keeps Bactria away.
  • Elastic Spolt Weld outside filter area
  • No leakage
  • No Puncture on filter
  • High tensile strength adjust- able aluminum nose clip
  • Provides leak proof snug fit.
  • Knitted elastic
  • Provides high skin comfort in tough conditions


Use For

  • Protection against Solids particles & non oil based Liquids particles from sprays - tested for mean particle size of 0.3 Microns as per IS 9473 2002 Standards.
  • Certification- As per IS 9473:2002
  • Disposal- Contaminated products should be disposed as hazardous waste in accordance with local regulations



STYLISH & USER FRIENDLY: Comfort Fold Flat Style filtering face piece produced substantially of filter media to fit on the face covering the nose and mouth comfortably so that fine particles does not enter from the edges. Low profile design fits wide range of face contours. Light weight provides greater work comfort, suits longer duration of wear. Compatible with / other face / head PPE(s.

 NO DISCOMFORT: AiroFresh always focuses on designing a safety dust mask for both women and men. This new mouth mask adopts high quality cotton, making it soft and comfortable to your face, very effortless breathable to wear, and it won't induce discomfort.

EASY BREATH: Insulated mesh fabric prevents fogging up your glasses or goggles; The fit is flexible and design is durable with a refined sewing process to increase its lifespan.

ANTI-DUST: Wearing this face mouth mask, you could be protected from dust, small particles on air, pollen and much more. Anti-dust, anti-odor; washable and reusable.

ADVANCED PARTICULATE RESPIRATORS: These disposable, anti-dust masks help protect you from inhaling small particulates like saw dust, metal shavings, pollen, allergens, and more.