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November 15, 2020

By now, we’ve all heard that most women wear the wrong size bra - 10% wear bras that are too big and a whopping 80% too small - but what does that do to our bodies? According to The Institute of Osteopathy, this can contribute to changes in your posture, which, over time, can cause musculoskeletal pain. Further, assuming a bra is fitted correctly, it distributes the weight of the bust taking strain off of the back, neck and shoulders as well as lifting the bust up off the ribs to help breathing. Lastly, finding the right fit and style can support one's confidence and promote positive self-image.

Bras not only help breast shape and size but they can help those with larger breasts manage potential back pain. Women of any size can feel pain due to an ill-fitting bra, which is why knowing how a bra should fit is essential.

Are bras merely beautifying?

Not at all. The bra's main function is to support the weight and structure of the breast. However, women often have a lot of tension and stiffness localised where the bra strap is placed. Tight bras can also severely affect the ribcage, as well as cause back and neck pain.

If bra straps are loose and the back strap is tight, it will result in incorrect balance. People often rely on the wrong bit of the bra - the back strap - without thinking of the uplift support. For example, if you’re wearing an underwire bra without straps, it’s virtually pointless.

  • Controlling Breast Shape and Size

Whether you want to maximize or minimize the appearance of your chest, a properly fitted bra can help achieve the desired shape and size of your breasts.

To make breasts look more pushed up and rounded, choose a style with contour padding or a push up feature. You still want to ensure a proper fit however, as a bigger bra won’t make your breasts look bigger. Same goes for wearing too small of a size when trying to minimize. If you’re aiming in the other direction, ensure you are wearing the correct cup and band size but in a minimizer style, one that spreads out your breasts to make them appear one to two cup sizes smaller.

  • Wearing a Bra Helps With Back Pain for Larger Breasts

Speaking of larger breasts, wearing a bra can certainly help with back pain as well as spine issues and bouncing of breasts. Ill-fitting bras affect this group even further as a loose band may cause increased stress on the upper back muscles. 

  • Bras Can Be Comfortable, Absolutely

In general, an ill-fitting bra can cause a woman of any shape or size pain. And while we know it’s shocking, Irotica believes bras can truly be comfortable. The key is finding the right combination of style, shape and size - which can vary by not only brand but style. 

At the end of the day, a bra should lift you up, not bring you down, both mentally and physically. With so many options to support any and all shapes and sizes, shopping for undergarments can and should be fun and enjoyable. At Irotica, we consistently strive to offer products that are inspired by our community and their favorite styles. We truly hope we can help you find yours.

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