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January 12, 2021

Every morning most of us put on our bra without much thought.  But have you really looked in the mirror lately?  Are things going south?  If so, it’s time to update your bra!

Firstly, how long should you keep your bra?

According to experts, your bra life ranges typically from 6 to 9 months. This too, differs from person to person. If you have been repeating your favourite bra on a loop, or practically wearing it every other day, you will need to ditch it a lot sooner than six months. The faster it wears off, the closer you are, to getting rid of your bras. Try keeping a minimum of five bras in handy and use them on rotational purpose to ensure these ladies bras last longer.

Here are 7 tips to make sure you are wearing the right bra:

    1. Put on a top or dress that is form fitting and take a photo of yourself.  Check to see if you look “saggy” in the photo.
    2. How long has it been since you have bought a new bra?  Your bra should not be stretched out or ride up your back. It’s good to buy new bras every year and get measured twice a year since our body does change. If you have gained or lost weight this is essential and often overlooked.
    3. Check your straps. Are they pulled up and able to keep you lifted? This is where many bras start to wear out first. Also, if you are busty, consider a bra with a thicker strap. This will help hold “the girls” up for a perky look.
    4. Are you wearing the right size bra? You should not be spilling out of your cups or lost in them.
    5. After putting on your bra, look down.  Does the fabric in the middle of your cups gap or sag?  Ideally, the fabric should lay flat on your skin between the cups.

If you have a large selection of bras in rotation, you can go longer than six months before replacing your bras if you’re caring for those bras properly. Putting your bras in the dryer breaks down the elastic much more quickly, so save your bras from an untimely death by letting them air dry and hand wash them when possible. No matter how many bras you own or how well you care for them, every bra has an expiration date, thanks to weight fluctuations and natural wear and tear. 

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