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February 15, 2021

When you find a sports bra you love, you may find yourself wanting to wear it more often. We all do it; ath-leisure gear has definitely infiltrated our weekends, lounge time, even some offices!!

But if you find a sports bramore comfortable, is there anything wrong with wearing it every day? Again, we want to say that it’s a personal choice, but there are some notes worth considering for your skin and breast health.
Coverage: Sports bras cover more surface area than regular bras — not just the bust but also wider straps on the shoulders and backs. While this may be part of the reason, they’re more comfortable, it can also mean that your skin doesn’t get to breathe as much, which can cause irritation and even acne. Even if you don’t mind this, you may not always want as full coverage as a sports bra gives.

Compression: Compression style sports bras keep your breasts “smushed” against your chest wall. While this may make you more comfortable while you’re exercising, it can be less comfortable daily. There has been speculation that compression can cut off lymphatic flow, however no connection between compression and cancer has been established. At the same time, it feels almost intuitive that no body part should be regularly compressed or squished into an unnatural shape. If you want to wear a sports bra every day, then, consider an encapsulation style bra rather than a compression one.

Breast shape: Sports bras can sometimes create a “uniboob” appearance which some dislike. Again, if this is a concern but you still want to wear a sports bra every day, consider an encapsulation style sports bra.

Reduce Long-Term Sagging: Researchers believe that movement combined with inadequate support can lead to long-term sagging. In a study, scientists revealed that "breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with." Wearing a sports bra is a commonly accepted remedy for sagging. It also helps prevent premature sagging.

Should Be Worn After Injury or Cosmetic Surgery: Women who have gone under the knife or those who are up to date with cosmetic surgery will be able to relate to the use of sports bras for healing. In the weeks after breast surgery or augmentation procedures, surgeons are known to recommend wearing a sports bra instead of the regular variety.

At the end of the day it is all about support and comfort. Having a wardrobe of sports bras that you can wear every day to work or just out and about is not just great for your breasts but also for your purse as the number of your everyday bras can be greatly reduced. In the busy lives we lead having one bra type that suits all is in my opinion a must. We women are great at multi-tasking so why not have a bra that can do the same?

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