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June 10, 2020

No matter what goes out of fashion, buying sexy lingerie online never will, in all likelihood. In fact, the lingerie ecommerce market will only grow, and bring with it new avenues and trends that are shopper-friendly. Women’s intimate apparel has evolved over the two centuries. While you can find traces of its origins, it has seen a sea change in terms of design, aesthetics and the gender discourse.


More importantly, shopping has moved from store visits and bags to clicks and carts, which in turn, has significantly impacted the nature of the product. From the use of materials to pricing and delivery, it's safe to say that consumers are driving trends. They are not settling for anything less than they want, driving designers and brands to adapt, innovate and define trends.


Minimalism in Women’s Intimate Apparel: Simple, Easy and Comfortable


Boldness lies in assertion, as much as it does in embracing a sense of minimalism with maximum ease and comfort. Be it opting for plain bold coloured bras or choosing wireless, moulded triangle ones, you can have it if you want it.

Going back to basics, with a hint of customization, that is dictated by individual-choice driven modern elements, will have a lot to offer in terms of trends for 2020. The choice might vary from -a harness, that adheres to your sensuality quotient to sexy lingerie with tattoo-prints-a slight or if might want to call it, a radical departure from the minimalism of plain colours.

Shades don’t mean an injustice to minimalism, do they?

What does sexy lingerie mean to you? It can mean natural fabric, too!

Like seasons, your interests, too, are subject to many factors that influence changes in your choice. While what suits you best, and your preferences, in accordance with weather conditions and your body’s response to certain materials used for lingerie, is the ultimate sexy, there are some suggestions which you may consider.

Sustainability is not just a choice, it is a necessity. One, for good skin and overall health; two, for a social responsibility you can’t deny, because it affects your body, intimacy and hygiene. If you take care of the world around you, by opting to buy what harms nature less, what you buy will place you in comfort and keep you out of harm’s way.

So, choose wisely. Choose easy. Choose comfort. Celebrate sexy lingerie, with comfort, ease, intimacy, style and responsibility, too, for yourself!


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