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March 25, 2020

What’s your number one priority while working out? It’s support and function. Sports and yoga are elements integral to a healthy life, especially amidst the urban constraints. In their own way, these two activities form the foundation for a healthy life sans interruption that halts a state of well being. 

So, it’s time to buck up and wrap in awareness, it sure as hell is not a time to surrender to complacency and the den of privilege. 

A sports bra, made out of form-fitting spandex, is meant to be worn during workout sessions. It helps avoid any discomfort, reduces breast pain, prevents long-term sagging, and is recommended after an injury or cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, a regular bra is meant to help augment the shape of the breasts. It is advisable to not wear the same during any sort of workout routine, no matter what. 

 Irotica Sports and Yoga Bras have  been designed to handle movement and motion, which, without doubt,  makes it good to wear on a daily basis. The straps of these bras are wide and are designed to stay in place. Also, they  come with padding to prevent digging into your skin. Therefore,with maximum support being offered, these bras hold your breasts firmly in place.


Being detail driven and most definitely the way ahead, yoga bras combine the best of sports bra qualities and offer a new, adaptible alternative.With features such as separated cups; wide rib bands; zip-front closures; padded underwire support; and wide back and shoulder construction, all this with the the assurance of natural fabric, you don’t have to look beyond Irotica’s sports and yoga bras. Name it and you have it. 

The Irotica sports and yoga bras provide you high flexibly and wick sweat easily keeping you cool and dry. Our Yoga bras are highly stretchable that move with you. Irotica Yoga bra combines tight fit and removal pads that’s beneficial for medium impact workouts. They make physically rewarding activities like sports, yoga and the gym routine both comfortable and easy. Amidst losing calories and giving good health a fillip, Irotica ensures that you can keep all the lingerie woes away!

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