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May 25, 2020

The term lingerie finds its origin in the French term linge, which also means linen. The trend, what we today call Hot Erotic Lingerie, can be traced back to early part of the nineteenth century. This, owing to the word linen, is a reference to the material from which underwear was traditionally made. By the end of the century, lingerie had become term used to describe underwear that had moved beyond definitions of routine clothing necessity to become a symbol of erotic pleasure.

While the most accepted definition of lingerie describes it as a category of women's clothing including undergarments, sleepwear and lightweight robes, the connotation can be attributed to garments that are both alluring and fashionable, or one of the two.


Two centuries of intimate apparel: Many influences and many trends

Over the past 2 centuries, ever since the term lingerie and the trend of lingerie have become part of the mainstream, to the times we live in, when it can be bought online, it has gone through various influences. They have, at times, been used as a means of torture; while it only began as an expression of embracing sensuality. Lingerie, too, has been part of the cultural and geographical changes that have influenced fashion. While taboo has confined the choice to a limited number of people, the advent of ecommerce has liberated intimate apparel, albeit in part, from the clutches of society. An acknowledgment of the modern day social of body shaming has further enforced the right of women owning their choices. You chose what your body demands, not the society

Gender stereotypes: The Lingerie Revolution




Since times immemorial, archaic definitions of gender roles have been oppressive. They have introduced binaries that have distorted sensuality, and intimate fashion choices, painting them as forbidden desires. For examples, gay men wearing thongs has been rent asunder to negate their intimate expression, which manifests through their intimate apparel choice. Despite rising sales in G-Strings and Thongs in specific and hot erotic lingerie in general, there persists a simmering discontnet, an unease that has hindered the unbound potential of the erotic lingerie, at least in the ecommerce domain. On the other hand, there are encouraging signs too. To this end, it is only preferable to adapt to a post Covid-19 hot erotic lingerie ecommerce market scenario, which looks more promising than ever. The history is recolouring itself with the digital brush. A new trend is emerging with an unhindered old rage. Time to devise new strategies. Time to provide the sales of intimate apparel with a new filip!



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