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November 20, 2020

Aren’t we all familiar with slipping bra straps, sticking out cups or pinching underwires? Did you know that$16 in billions is the amount spent on bras annually worldwide and yetsurveys suggest that close to 80 % of all women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Finding a perfectly fitted bra seems to be rather tricky. At Irotica, we have put together 7 tips that will make your search for the perfect bra a little bit easier.

  1. Straps should not dig in

The major share of the weight should not be borne by the straps but by a well-fitting under bust band. If the straps dig in, you should opt for a smaller under bust size while also going up in cup size.

  1. Straps should offer support

The under bust band may be too tight, if the straps are slipping off the shoulders despite being properly adjusted. In this case, you should choose a larger under bust size and a smaller cup size. You should also check after each wash that your straps are still in the right position.

  1. The bridge should lie flat against the sternum

The central section between the breasts at the front of the bra is called the bridge. This section should lie flat against the body. If there is a gap between the bridge and the chest, or if the bridge is positioned too high up, these might be signs of a too small cup. The under bust size should be kept, while cup size should be adjusted one size up.

  1. The under bust band should be positioned stably

The under bust band plays an important role when it comes to a bra’s supporting effect. It therefore must be positioned firmly and parallel to the ground. If the under bust band is pulled up at the back, it is too wide. This should be adjusted. The cup size needed will increase as a result.

  1. The breasts are bulging out at the sides

The cups of a bra should lie flat against the ribs without digging in. The breast should fill the whole cup, without bulging out at the sides. If the wire pinches the area between the breasts or the connective tissue, you should choose a bigger cup size while keeping the under bust size.

  1. The breasts are bulging out at the top of the cup

If a gap forms below the cups or in the area of the top half of the cup, you need to go up in cup size, while keeping the under bust size.

  1. A gap between the bra cup and the breast

If the cup has creases or is not full, it is too big. If the problem occurs with many bras, this may also be due to asymmetrical or bell-shaped breasts. Try tightening the straps or go down in cup size as a second step. Everything is in place but there is still a tiny gap? Try a push up model, as the padding will close the gap.

Happy bra shopping! Do check out our latest collection.

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