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January 12, 2021

Signs of an ill-fitting bra are right in your face – hooks are digging your back, wires or pads are squeezing your breasts and straps are either way too loose or they are tunneling through your shoulders. 

While a loose bra will lack support, a bad bra will run down rapidly, restrain your movement, basically, just cause you a lot of pain — constricting straps and underwires can create tension and discomfort in your shoulders and upper torso.

If your bra is causing you uneasiness, you may be certain it’s not the right fit for you.

But how do you know if your bra is actually wrong for you? 

Here are some ways to find out if the issues you are witnessing are because of a bad bra and how to get over these widespread challenges that women encounter on a daily basis. 

a> When you have inflamed and chafed skin

A bra that is constricted can horde tons of skin problems, some of them may include folliculitis, dermatitis, rashes and reactions.

Renowned dermatologist Heather Downes says, “When tight clothing rubs the skin, it can cause excess sweating as well as irritation and inflammation of hair follicles. Not only that, bacteria and/or fungus on the surface of the skin can more easily penetrate into these hair follicles, causing infection.”

b> When your bra repetitively needs adjustments 

You instantly know that you are wearing a wrong bra when you find yourself continuously adjusting the various elements of your bra – straps, underneath wire, back band etc as you move around day long. 

Here’s something very interesting that Heather Downes says about wearing the wrong bra:

She adds, “Tight clothing, on the abdomen can increase intra-abdominal pressure to the point that one can experience acid reflux from acid being pushed from the stomach into the lower esophagus.” 

c> When your breasts are falling out of your bra cups

There are times when often your breasts begin slither out of your bra cups from the front or from the sides. Also, while wearing an underwire bra, your breasts not resting comfortably in the cups or the underwire can also be indications that your bra is too small or just bad.

Robynne Winchester, owner of body positive bra fitting boutique says, “Cups that are too small can be painful to wear, especially if they have underwires. A properly fitted underwire should exactly trace the root of your breast, and it should lie flat on your ribcage.”

d> When your upper torso just hurts 

Robynne Winchester adds, “The most common bra fit issue is a cup that’s too small and a band that’s too loose. This results in a bra that is unsupportive, uncomfortable, and leads to issues such as shoulder and back pain.”

Women often compensate for baggy bands by simply pulling the straps way too much, which finally stresses the shoulders.

What we do not understand is that over a period of time, tightening up straps aggravates skin issues. When tight bra straps rub on skin, lesions can cause which in turn can engorge or bleed and can ache adding to woes. 

So, how do we fix the wrong bra? 

  • Move to the next level 

If you’re on the 1st or 2nd hook on your bra band, the simplest solution is to back up to the next set of hooks to allow you some breathing room. But, if you are already on the last hook, and don’t want to shell more and invest in a new bra, just buy a bra extender.

  • Fine-tune your straps

Not just as a lingerie brand, but generally, here’s an acknowledged fact about bra structure: The bulk of a bra’s sustenance comes from the band, not straps and definitely not the cups.

Robynne Winchester, owner of body positive bra fitting boutique says “Tightening the straps when the band is loose causes the band to ride up in the back, which further compromises support. Think of a see-saw — when the back goes up, the front goes down. 

  • Try out a different size 

Every body is different and thus every bra size that one wears is different from the other. There are tons of factors that fluctuate your bra size over a period of time. There are hormonal variations, age, weight gain/loss and of course pregnancy can drastically alter your bra size. How about trying a variety of sizes over a period? Keep the ones that best fit you and ta-da, you are good to go! 

In conclusion…

A bad bra can not just be painful, but in worst case scenario can cause you bodily harm and actual agony. Yes, searching for the perfect bra can be a laborious chore, but, for your good health and most importantly, for the well-being of your breasts, it’s worth it. 

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